Here are some videos to help unleash your creativity. Created by CTMH Corp, you can learn directly from the pros! Want to see these products for yourself? Contact me for more information. Happy crafting!

***I received some comments saying this page was hard to load because of all the videos so I'm providing a link to CTMH's Youtube page. Please visit them and watch their videos, you will learn a lot! ***

And in other news...
I started making Youtube videos!

Bear with me as I am learning as I go. The first few videos are bad technically speaking but there is some good information if you can stick it out with bad sound quality. The most recent one is good all around so feel free to watch that one over and over again! I am making a few more featuring new products. I'll post about them directly in the blog so make sure you're "following" or subscribed to the blog so you know when I post!

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