Wednesday, July 27, 2011

While I've been waiting

While I have been (not so) patiently waiting for my new product to come so I can start playing with it, I've been using my time wisely. I am working on organizing my digital photo albums and getting caught up on sorting, tagging, and making copies for friends and family. Here are some of the photos I thought I posted before leaving for convention.

The first three are the roommate gifts I made using the My Creations Journal. I went a different direction with each of them so stretch myself (never a good idea when time is short) but I'm happy with the result.

The next four photos are the cards I did for the card swap. Each year, the consultants swap cards or small trinkets that they've made so imagine 1500 gals swapping cards every time we'd get together - it was so cool to see all the talent and generosity.

I never feel like my work is up to par with other consultants but no one refused an offer to swap and I even had one lady track me down for a card I swapped with a friend of hers - that was a good feeling! ;)

This last one is the business card I did the night before I left. I was all done packing but still had some time to unwind (1am isn't the time to unwind, especially when I had to get up at 5am but I figured I'd sleep on the plane). I also made the little card holder too, I didn't want to take my nice one in case I lost it.

I'll have some new stuff to post soon - in the meantime, enjoy your summer!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Convention Announcements!!!

Hello to all! I had every intention of posting stuff as I was at Close to my Heart's National Convention in Anaheim CA this week but there was just so much stuff going on that I never had the time!! I am home now and trying to get caught up on sleep, laundry, and all the other normal things that need doing. But I wanted to take a moment and share a video with you about THE BIGGEST THING TO COME TO CLOSE TO MY HEART - Ladies, this is almost as big as the My Acrylix stamps!!!!

We have our own EXCLUSIVE CRICUT CARTRIDGE!!!!! I got to see many, many, many cool things you can do with this cartridge - there is an exclusive font, and over 700 images including 3D items! I could tell you all about it, but I will share this video with you so you can see it. I will have it at my Open House on August 12-13 where you can play with it yourself and see all the other awesome tools, papers, stamps and accessories that are new to Close to My Heart this year. All attendees will receive a free Idea Book and other specials and gifts (more information to come). Without further ado....

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Last Studio J layouts to share - for now!

I am slowly getting ready for Close to My Heart's annual convention - it is a really big deal and I am having trouble sitting still! I am busy working on cards and gifts to swap with other consultants while I am out in Disney Land and I'll post them soon to share with you.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy Fourth of July

Happy Fourth of July! Today we celebrate our freedom and independence, but remember those who gave all so that we could.

A few more Studio J layouts -

I love that you get two sets of digital files with your print purchase. It's so easy to share my work with family and friends using the .jpg files I get with my membership purchase. Just like I am sharing my work with you, I emailed copies to grandparents so they can keep up with their grandson too!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Spring Summer 2011 Studio J layouts

I just love how easy it is to use Studio J! Here are some more layouts I've done:

I really struggled with this last layout - I'm still not happy with it but it's my own fault really - I got to playing around with it during a class one time and I think I should have just given up and started again with another paper pack - but I'm so stuck mentally with traditional scrapbooking I have to open my mind to all the possibilities available with Studio J - like making multiple layouts using the same pictures till I find one I like! I"ll try again later but for now the memories are preserved and that is why I am doing this.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Studio J layouts

I have been working digitally most of this month preparing for the Studio J classes I offered to help customers with learning to scrapbook in this new format. I have so much fun working digitally - it won't replace traditional scrapbooking for me but the way my life is currently, digital scrapbooking fits me so well! I love that I can do it while my three year old is sitting on my lap - no worries about microtip scissors or paper piercers! I even get journaling ideas from him - as I upload the photos, he tells me what is going on in them and from there I will usually get a great quote to use. Plus it helps him to identify more with the layouts because they are in his words.

I placed my order for the month of June and since I'm a member I saved so much money! I don't usually see any savings in traditional scrapbooking and so I got to do a little bragging to my hubby - "Look! I'm saving money!" If you haven't tried Studio J and you missed the June promotion - don't worry! Studio J is still free to set up an account and play for three months - I bet you won't need all three months to decide it's great! If you want hands-on help, please contact me so I can show you how easy it truely is!

I am currently working on getting ready for Convention in Anaheim CA in a few short days! I cannot believe I am actually going - and that my business paid for it! I am truely humbled by how successful my Close to My Heart business has become in such a short time (I've only been with the company since October) and my hobby has not come out of our personal budget at all! I will have so much more to post towards the end of July so I will be on hiatus until then but here are some Studio J layouts I've done. I'll be posting a few each day this week.

Magnifique - Studio J layout

Sophia - Studio J layout