Saturday, June 28, 2014

Artistic Adventure, Day Two Recap

So much training! So much information! So much artwork!

So. much. food!

Today we learned from successful consultants on how to grow our businesses ... first hand knowledge from those who have learned the hard way. How blessed we are to be in a "family" where consultants freely share their successes so that others can succeed too!

Since most of the day was spent on "consultant stuff" I'll skip ahead to the fun stuff ... Awards Banquet!
Each year, Corp spoils us with a fabulous three course meal served Disney style! We primped to look our best to cheer for the successes of fellow consultants and of course, even in our finery, we're still taking pictures of our food, friends and basically, anything we can!

Here are a few highlights of the day ... I'm off to get some much needed rest before my first 5K tomorrow in Disney Land!!!!!
Working hard playing with some new product

Kristine, Brian and Monica presenting lots of new information

New and old friends; we're all family

Me and my bestie!

You can dress her up, taker her to a fancy meal, but a scrapbooker will always take a picture!

She found a Sticky Boy at her seat!!!

Kristine, Brian and Monica presenting all the awards to deserving, hard-working consultants

Friday, June 27, 2014

Artistic Adventure Daily Recap - Day One

With all the excitement over the last few days, it's eerily quiet around the hotel tonight. Consultants can be found all over DisneyLand with their new Annual Inspirations in hand, post it notes and a growing list of new items to buy!

I've quickly uploaded and (badly) edited photos to share with you! Here's a quick intro to the new products. Over the next few weeks, I'll share more detailed information and artwork with you about specific products.

Brian Holman, VP

Brian, Monica and Kristine

Artfully Sent Cricut Collection
Five new colors - Pixie, Thistle, Flaxen, Canary and Glacier

Cut Above - precut card kits

Embossing powders

Snack time, Disney style!

A goodies winner!

She won a new Artfully Sent Cricut Collection

A new Score board!!!!
Designer Creations - preprinted treat bags and boxes perfect as they are or ready to embellish

Stay tuned, there's more to come!!! It's only day one! :)

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

CMTH Artistic Adventure Convention 2014

I'm here! I'm here!!!

I made it to Disney Land!! If you haven't had a chance to check out my facebook page, I'm posting updates on my trip to CTMH's 2014 Convention called - "Artistic Adventure" in Disney Land CA.

While my friends were stuck inside today at Leadership training, I've spent the day stalking, er, finding characters for photos and autographs. So far, I've met Chip, Pluto, Goofy, Alice, Jasmine and Goofy (twice!!!). And I haven't even registered yet!!! {Smile!}

It really is so magical here at Disney and partnered with Close to My Heart, I feel like a princess!

Now would be a good time to "Like" my facebook page to find out what I'm up to (it's so much easier to post there on my cell then blogger, for some reason). I'll do updates here as much as I can, though.

Here are some of the characters I got to hang out with today!

PS - Convention 2015 will be here in Disney Land again next year, so if you would like to join in on all the fun, please let me know!!!

Friday, June 20, 2014

CMTH Embossing Folders

I haven't been creating much lately because of the kids being home now - All. Day. Long. Summer has just begun and we're all a little buggy!

Little Man has been having a hard time transitioning from the constant busy-ness of school to the laid back approach to summer. I've been using naptimes to get a little bit of work done for my church's women's group summer event next weekend (which I'll show you soon!) but yesterday's UPS delivery is what got me all excited - I got my Big Shot!

A little back story - because, really, a Big Shot is nothing new. I haven't jumped on the embossing bandwagon because when I first started scrapbooking oh so many years ago, we had to use brass plates and a stylus to "draw" the embossed design into the paper . Since the process was time consuming and my sister talked me into dry embossing all her wedding invitations, response cards and seating cards I never wanted to see another stylus or brass plate ever again. About two years ago, I bought a cheapo embosser and two folders and never used them. Then CTMH came out with embossing folders and I bought one. And quickly saw that my cheapo embosser would not work (CTMH embossing folders are slightly bigger than others, for good reason which I'll get into on another post). After some online research and a luckily-timed Zulily sale, I bought myself a Big Shot.

Since this embosser has been in my house, I have finished my women's group party favors - and I impressed myself!

Take a look at the in-process photos.... I'll post final pictures after my event (I don't want to spoil the surprise for my gals!)
Sorry, I can't figure out why Blogger is turning this picture ... :(

I used my flash so you could see the quadrafoil pattern embossed in the cardstock.

Little Man was very excited that I "let" him help with this project, but I figure that an almost-first-grader is capable of some flower assembly.

This is the final flower - I used the CTMH Quadrafoil embossing folder for all the flowers and a generic folder for the leaf. All flowers were inked with Cranberry (CS colors - cranberry, hollyhock and White Daisy) and the Garden Green leaf was inked in Olive.

Stay tuned because I'll post final pictures of this project but also because I'll be at CTMH's convention next week and there will be so, So, SO much news to share! I'll post pictures and a daily recap on my blog and facebook page but you can also keep tabs on the Corporate Facebook page for updates as well.

See you soon!