Saturday, June 28, 2014

Artistic Adventure, Day Two Recap

So much training! So much information! So much artwork!

So. much. food!

Today we learned from successful consultants on how to grow our businesses ... first hand knowledge from those who have learned the hard way. How blessed we are to be in a "family" where consultants freely share their successes so that others can succeed too!

Since most of the day was spent on "consultant stuff" I'll skip ahead to the fun stuff ... Awards Banquet!
Each year, Corp spoils us with a fabulous three course meal served Disney style! We primped to look our best to cheer for the successes of fellow consultants and of course, even in our finery, we're still taking pictures of our food, friends and basically, anything we can!

Here are a few highlights of the day ... I'm off to get some much needed rest before my first 5K tomorrow in Disney Land!!!!!
Working hard playing with some new product

Kristine, Brian and Monica presenting lots of new information

New and old friends; we're all family

Me and my bestie!

You can dress her up, taker her to a fancy meal, but a scrapbooker will always take a picture!

She found a Sticky Boy at her seat!!!

Kristine, Brian and Monica presenting all the awards to deserving, hard-working consultants

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