Saturday, July 12, 2014

July News

There is so much that happens in July that I have a hard time keeping up - it's like Christmas for me ... I jump from one thing to another just trying to keep up with all that has to get done. There are birthdays galore (6 birthdays, including mine and my husband's), it's the start of CTMH's new year (meaning a new Idea Book and a year's worth of class/workshop planning and an Open House to plan and create for), plus all the normal summer stuff (we have three vacations this year plus me going to DisneyLand for CTMH's convention) then you throw into the mix our church's vacation bible school planning and the "normal" daily stuff: like going to the pool, playdates and of course we can't forgot actual, good old fashioned WORK! It really is a wonder that our summer goes so fast! I enjoy every minute of it but I want to take a moment to remember you too!

Since CTMH has announced a new Annual Inspirations catalog (available Aug. 1st), there has also been a retired list for items that didn't make into the next year's catalog. Along with the retired list, some eagle-eyed consultants have shared some items that are continuing into the new Annual Inspirations but at a higher price. Because I value you, I want you to be aware of both lists.

CTMH products retiring July 31, 2014
For a complete list of still available products, visit my website here. While this may not be the full list, it is what is still available to order.

CTMH products increasing in price August 1, 2014 (many thanks to the original consultant who shared this!)

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