Friday, July 1, 2011

Studio J layouts

I have been working digitally most of this month preparing for the Studio J classes I offered to help customers with learning to scrapbook in this new format. I have so much fun working digitally - it won't replace traditional scrapbooking for me but the way my life is currently, digital scrapbooking fits me so well! I love that I can do it while my three year old is sitting on my lap - no worries about microtip scissors or paper piercers! I even get journaling ideas from him - as I upload the photos, he tells me what is going on in them and from there I will usually get a great quote to use. Plus it helps him to identify more with the layouts because they are in his words.

I placed my order for the month of June and since I'm a member I saved so much money! I don't usually see any savings in traditional scrapbooking and so I got to do a little bragging to my hubby - "Look! I'm saving money!" If you haven't tried Studio J and you missed the June promotion - don't worry! Studio J is still free to set up an account and play for three months - I bet you won't need all three months to decide it's great! If you want hands-on help, please contact me so I can show you how easy it truely is!

I am currently working on getting ready for Convention in Anaheim CA in a few short days! I cannot believe I am actually going - and that my business paid for it! I am truely humbled by how successful my Close to My Heart business has become in such a short time (I've only been with the company since October) and my hobby has not come out of our personal budget at all! I will have so much more to post towards the end of July so I will be on hiatus until then but here are some Studio J layouts I've done. I'll be posting a few each day this week.

Magnifique - Studio J layout

Sophia - Studio J layout

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