Friday, October 4, 2013

Lookie what I made!

I do have a lot of scrapbooking and cards to post but instead I'm going to share with you something new. Something fabulous. Something *I* made.

I know. I show you stuff I make all the time but this time... well, it's different!

Since our town's Farm Show is starting next week and the Mr and I have other plans for the weekend, I had to make the kids' outfits for the Baby Parade today. The bigger kids can deal with an adult sized tshirt. The baby can't. I attempted something today that concerned me but I did it anyway. And I really can't believe how well it turned out!!!!!

I took an adult sized tshirt and made a toddler sized tshirt from it!!! If you know me, I don't sew. I'm learning but there are things (like clothes) I have not attempted. Bean bags, yes. Actual clothing, no.

Here is the result....

Before and after: toddler shirt from adult tshirt

After: toddler tshirt from adult tshirt

Here is the part that made me cry - the underarm sleeve seams line up!!!!! I was literally crying when my husband came downstairs... he thought I was even crazier when I told him why! But when it was all said and done, he said he loves that his wife can sew. Which is a huge complement, because in reality, I can't. :)

{Now, a shout out to Delia Creates. She doesn't even know who I am but I have been stalking her blog forever and because her tutorials look so easy I had the confidence to try something like this. If you are even interested in sewing, I ask you to check her out!}


  1. Nice job! I am impressed! Now what are you going to sew next?

    1. I'm thinking of hemming some pants next... Starting small!