Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Building my community through social media

Over the years, some of you have asked if I'm on other social media platforms too (you know, because everyone else is!) but I haven't been too interested in sitting at my computer all day to maintain multiple social media sites - I'd rather be creating! After trying out a few other platforms (Pinterest, You Tube, Instagram) I'm breaking out of my shell and adding to what I"m going to call my "community". 

My community is going to consist of: Blogger, Facebook, Pinterest and You Tube, in that order. Here are all my links so you can check out what I've been up to --


Here's a brief description on my plans with each new outlet:

My blog is going to be the prime place to check out my artwork. Think of it like a gallery, a simple show-and-tell. I will still participate in blog hops and link parties throughout each month. Comments are always appreciated!

On Facebook, my posts will promote my business through sales, specials, discussions and even some giveaways. Not sure yet how often I will post but it will most likely be twice a week. This is a great way for you to ask questions or to reach out for information on Close to My Heart products, classes or anything else you want to talk about. 

Pinterest is where I spend a lot of my time "researching" other people's artwork and sharing my own completed projects. You can follow my business board or all of my boards (to really see what I'm like outside of scrapbooking!!). Send me pins you think I'll like - I'm always up for inspiration!

I'm still trying to get the hang of You Tube but I hope to be posting more as time passes. There are a total of three videos there now - the last one is the best, imho! You can see my progression of learning the process. There's still some work to do (better lighting, a stable tripod for the camera, etc) but I do have some ideas on upcoming videos. Let me know what you'd like to see and I'll try it!

Go ahead and check out my other sites and let me know what you think! This is my community and communication is key - leave comments to let me know what you liked or didn't like (gracefully, please). As this community grows, it will evolve based on feedback from you. While I am doing all of this for myself and my own gratification, I want to include you too into my scrapbooking world. I hope to talk with you soon!

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