Saturday, April 30, 2011

This company is AMAZING!!!!

I have such a creative high right now! I have the awesome privileged to be in a unit of such amazing and talented consultants - I love what I do and as I get to know more of the wonderful ladies (and men) attached to CTMH I love getting to know every single one! One of my uplines in CTMH is Kathy Markloff. She has been with the company 20 years (and has all the Idea Books to prove it!!). Corp allowed only 5 top directors to host regional training events called LeaderShare. This is the first time for the events and Kathy was selected as one of the directors to have an event. Thankfully she lives in the same region I do (yea!) so it was a no-brainer for me to go. The cost of the event was so reasonable and the product we received to use during our creative time (*remember, this is a training event for us so of course we have to do some creating!*) far outweighed the price we paid to attend. I actually had the stamp sets in my arsenal already so I now have some additional sets to sell (bonus!) plus I got to learn and use some new-to-me products. Enough talking, pictures are worth a thousand words so here are some pictures to show you my day:

Kathy Markloff

Joyce Houck had little goodie bags for her "Shining Stars"

This was the largest group for LeaderShare
While we were there, some of the Corp execs dropped by to teach us Business Classes. Christine David spoke about goals and the importance of play. Brian showed us how to go from basic to advanced in our Studio J class in the afternoon. I learned so much! There are definitely things for me to work on but it was nice to sit and just play too! Here are the projects we did at our Creative Training:
This is a cute gift idea: Our My Creations Cube using Mayberry paper pack.

A 2 page layout using paper from "Wings" (green) and "Bliss" (tan).
And as with anytime this many creative people get together, there is always something being swapped - here is a picture of the card I made:
6 x6 card using "Friendship", February's Stamp of the Month
This is a picture of all the other items I got in the swap (Because I don't have permission to showcase someone else's work on my blog, the photo is purposely far away):
My swap collection: three layouts, 5 cards & two gift holders (plus my creation)
This was my fabulous day - being a consultant, if only to pay for my own habit with a great discount on products I already buy, is so much fun! I get to play every time I go to work and I love what I do! If you want more information on how you can have this much fun too, please stay tuned! CTMH has something WONDERFUL in store for you in the month of May!

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