Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Karate Invitations

Little Man isn't so little anymore! On his last birthday, he turned FIVE! OH my, where has the time gone?!

Since I was also planning Missy's first birthday party among some other things, I decided this will be the year we "buy" a birthday party and invite ALL of his friends. I contacted his karate instructor and she (thankfully) already had a program in place. The package included invitations but since I'm just a little bit crafty (ahem) I wanted to do *something* special. It is my kid's birthday, after all.

Searching Pinterest was a great starting point but I didn't find anything that got me excited. So I went to my own drawing board. This is what I came up with and I was so excited to find that I designed and made 25 invitations in just 90 minutes! I am never that fast!

I started with a plain, white envelope. I trimmed about 14" off the left side to create a pocket. Using a black marker, I traced a black line along what would be the the collar of the uniform. I sealed the bottom of the envelope flap and tied a black ribbon around the whole thing. So quick and simple!

I whipped up a quick invitation on the computer to fit the envelope and slid it inside. 

Designed and made in almost no time at all! It was a little expensive to mail because of the ribbon, but thankfully we see our friends often enough that I didn't have to mail too many. A perfect start to a great party!

Here's his favorite part of the party - getting to break a board!

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