Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Zoe WOTG Layout

Last week I sat down to scrap for the first time in ages .... only to discover - - I had no photos to scrap!!! And here I thought I wasn't scrapbooking because I didn't have any time, silly me! ;)

So after getting prints from Snapfish, I was able to sit down today and scrap the photo I wanted to do last week.

CMTH Zoe WOTG Layout 1 by Stephanie Huber

I used the WOTG guide to create the whole layout but only put one photo on the left page and used the other photo box for journaling. Since I scrapbook chronologically and the next photos don't work well with the colors of Zoe, I will use another layout for those (hopefully, coming soon!). The title box/banner was supposed to span both pages but since they probably won't be next to each other in the album, I moved the whole thing to the right page. 

Here's a close up of the left page: 
CTMH Zoe WOTG Layout 1, page 1 by Stephanie Huber

I want to do a title on this page but I'm having trouble coming up with something. Any recommendations???

Here's a close up of the right page, for a future project:
CTMH Zoe WOTG Layout 1, page 2 by Stephanie Huber
I had a lot of fun using these pretty papers to get back into scrapping. I'm hoping to do some more now that I'm all set up with photos! :)

Leave me a comment with your title suggestions! See you soon!

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