Sunday, December 8, 2013

Truth in the Tinsel: Days 3 - 8

Not that we're a little behind or anything, but here are the last five days of projects from our Truth in the Tinsel project:

Day 3: Zechariah

Little Man wanted to color his own ornament so he used white crayon on brown construction paper because he wanted Zechariah to be white "like he'd seen a ghost because that's how I'd be if I saw an angel!" I tried to give him a marshmallow to put on but he ate it.

Day 4: Gabriel

Again, Little Man wanted to do his own thing so after rummaging through the craft bin, he found feathers and a white, sparkly pom pom for the angels head "to help him glow". I love his imagination!

Day 5: Mary

This is the best picture I got of his ornament today, Missy had a hard time keeping this one on the tree for some reason. Little Man used a round clothes pin and wrapped a fabric square around and colored in her hair and face with a marker, because "if God thinks she's beautiful, then she was."

Day 6: Mary & Elizabeth

This was a fun day even though Little Man kept asking if I was going to have another baby. I asked him if he wanted another sibling and that got him quiet again... :)

Day 7: Song

This day's project is MIA. I don't know if I should blame Missy or the dog.... Basically, he drew a music note on paper, cut it out and colored it in with a marker. I tried to encourage more creativity (or use of supplies) but I think he was tired and ready for bed.

Day 8: Sun

I got a little more conversation out of him during this project. He actually remembered that one of Jesus' names from earlier in the project was Light of the World and he remembered doing this craft last year. Oh my! The memories do stick!!

Missy wanted to be more involved in this project so I peeled the backs off some foam shapes for her to play with. Unfortunately, once she sucked on them she couldn't make them stick. Hmm, wonder why? :)

We've really enjoyed the new printable ornaments this year, it's been a lifesaver with Missy seeing what Little Man is doing and wanted to be a part of it. I strap her in the chair beside me and can surpervise both of them at once. She ends up coloring more on herself than the paper but if I remember correctly, last year wasn't smooth sailing in the the mess-free department either. Oh well! The point is that they are having fun and even looking forward to it. Now when I say it's craft time, Little Man fetches the Bible before the craft supplies - and that is worth every ounce of energy I put into it!

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