Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Truth in the Tinsel, Days 1 & 2

A little behind schedule but here are the first two of our projects with our Truth in the Tinsel project ...

Little Man insisted on using glitter glue because it's shiny and will look better for a King. It's hard to argue with his logic sometimes, so we modified our crafts a little bit to accomodate his preferences. 

After last year's experiences I was a little apprehensive but plugged along through it and was pleasantly surprised! Little Man listened patiently through the first few verses then asked if he could work on his craft while I read. I got him started then kept reading. When I was done, I asked him a few questions and he gave me the right answers! Wahoo!!

Day one with Truth in the Tinsel

 For Day Two, Little Man wanted to switch glitter glues and chose one with gold flakes in it "because kings like gold". He also wanted to cut the crown himself because I was making it too small - "a good king has a tall crown". But again, he wowed me with his listening skills and was able to tell me some other names for Jesus.
Day two with Truth in the Tinsel

 Missy had her markers to color her ornaments but was more interested in coloring her belly! I am glad I had the foresight to strip her down first. Her contribution to the project was a wet, soggy mess so I may just use pictures for remembering the process instead of the ornaments.... but oh, how cute!!!

I will be posting our completed projects on my blog during the month, so stop back to see more of our creations! If you would like to follow along, it's not too late! Use the link below and LAVENDERSAGE in the check out section for a 20% discount on the book.

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