Saturday, October 4, 2014

Artfully Sent Monthly Challenge, Day Four

Here we are at Day Four! Are you enjoying the few projects I've shared with you? If not that's okay - there's a lot more to share so I hope you stick with me! There is so much on this cartridge that I'm finding a month may not be enough time ... but I've committed to a month (and only a month!) and I'm going to do my best to share the range of projects from this cartridge.

Today's project isn't a card - it's an envelope. Back when I married my husband, my mother-in-law and her sisters were making cards together and they made their own envelopes out of wallpaper sample books. It was a time consuming process because wallpaper can be thick and difficult to cut. But they had their templates and they did it - but they also had to cut out liners for the inside because of the ugliness and destruction of the glue on the backside of the wallpaper. Eek! It wasn't for me - I was quite happy buying my envelopes in bulk from Staples. But, I will admit, receiving a beautiful envelope in the mail was an event - it always meant love because I knew it could only come from one of three people. I can now hope to carry on that tradition because this cartridge makes a lot of different envelopes - all with their own liners! It's so easy! 

I selected a plain Jane envelope and liner to start with but there are scalloped edges, sleeve envelopes and more. But I lined it with some of my favorite B&T paper from the "For Always" paper pack (retired but there is a new PML pack that will match it!). This will surely bring a smile to whomever opens it!

Tomorrow's project is another card but you'll love how quick and stunning this one is!

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