Monday, January 2, 2012

Using up leftovers, part two

Sometimes when I have no real direction but a strong desire to get crafty, some really crazy things happen. This time, I challenged myself. If you know me, I hate challenges. The very idea to challenge myself was clearly some sort of torture meant to cleanse me from something but I decided to honor it - sometimes, these things work out, I told myself. Well, this time it did.

My son was settled into a new movie from Christmas so I knew I had a chunk of time to myself. I had eight 3"x 3" cards cut out of Cocoa cardstock I had intended to use in a Christmas gift but never got around to using. I pulled out the small scraps (6" and under) from my Wonderland paper pack and played. The challenge was to use only those scraps, no stamping but any other kind of embellishment I wanted. I doubted I would make all eight but I wanted to be prepared. After an hour, my son came to me because the movie was over and when I counted, I had made eight cards! Wow, I was really impressed! Here's the result of my self-imposed challenge. With these results, I might have to continue this!

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