Friday, November 29, 2013

The Start of Christmas

Now that the turkey is in the fridge and the dishes are done, it's time to bring out the Christmas decorations!

In our house, the day after Thanksgiving is dusting off the Christmas decorations from storage and hanging lights and garland. This year will be no exception ... but it will be more fun because my oldest is big enough to help - and he's willing!!!

We'll get a real tree in a few weeks but I have a small artificial tree my parents bought for me for my first apartment. Over the years I've decorated it using different themes and after I got married, my tree started to look similar each year. So four years ago, I left it decorated when I put it into storage and two years ago, I hot glued the decorations in place. Now it's super easy to have the house decorated in a day with two young kids.  {*smile!*}

Since it's obvious that I don't spend a lot of time (or energy) decorating my house, I thought I would share what we do spend our time on during the Christmas season - Jesus!

Last year, I heard about Truth in the Tinsel, an e-book by Amanda White. I went through the experience with my then four-year-old and while it wasn't as idyllic as I imagined, over time my son started telling me the different activities we did so something must have stuck. I did enjoy the experience so I became an affiliate to help promote the book because it worked for my family.

As I was preparing for this year's experience, I saw there is a download for those with younger kids or those with little time to create. It's printable ornaments that kids can color in then hang on the tree - super simple! I'll be trying the book's crafts with my five-year old but letting my 20 month old do the printable ornaments. We'll decorate our real tree with the kids' ornaments so they have ownership over the holiday decorations.

I will be posting our experience blog over the next few weeks and I would love it if you would join us! Use the link to buy the book and the ornaments and we'll start together on December 1st. But don't worry about doing each activity on the day or even starting on December 1st. Use it how it works best in your family whether that is daily, every few days or only on the weekends.

Use the link below or the link in the sidebar to purchase your copy of "The Truth in the Tinsel". Watch it make a difference in your family. It has in ours.

{I am affiliate for "Truth in the Tinsel". I became an affiliate because this book has made a difference in our house and I believe it's message can make a difference in yours.}

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