Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I am addicted!

I am so totally addicted to the new Cricut cartridge from Close to My Heart - and here's why:

This is a display board I made up to show just what one button can do on the cartridge. There are over 700 different images on this cartridge and that's not including all the sizes you can do based on your machine. One button made this board (except for the letters) but there are tags, cards, solid shapes, filigree shapes, frames and so much more! The butterfly at the bottom was made using different sizes to showcase this additional option. Here is another example of what the cartridge can do:

I made this from the Idea Book - it was too cute to just look at in a picture! I made the bag "fit to page" which came out to be 11.25" but when it's folded, it will hold 3x3 cards. How cute! The stitching on the bag was done using the new ruler to punch the holes. The new ruler has two lines of holes in the ruler to use a paper piercer to punch a hole through your paper to make either a zig zag stitch or a straight running stitch. I was not a big fan of stitching before because it was too time consuming to line it all up but this ruler takes the thinking out of the project. So easy!


  1. Love it Stephanie!!! This box caught my eye too - but you beat me in making it! :) Looks like you have been quite busy!!! Way to go!!! Missed you at meeting tonight, but make sure you bring all of your items that you are creating to the next meeting! :)

  2. So cute! Love it!! I love your board as well. I am going to put at least one together for a show I'm doing in September! Thanks for sharing!!