Thursday, September 13, 2012


I've been pulling out just one paper pack at a time and trying to work my way through it before moving on to the next one and it's a plan that seems to be working. After revamping my craft room (yet again!) I'm finding this approach allows me the flexibility to work as long as I want or to get up and leave as the kids dictate. My craft room is still in the basement next to the kids toys and since Little Man is old enough not to need me around, this works well to allow me to work for longer periods of time (assuming that Little Miss is sleeping). It also allows me to have friends over to create together! This saves a lot of my sanity! Little Miss sleeps in the swing, Little Man has a playmate and I have a friend to talk/work with- we all win! My friend Nickie (check out her blog at has been over a lot recently and I have a lot to share with you because of it!

Now, just a warning - everyone scrapbooks differently and my approach is not one I've seen others do so I thought I would warn you not to expect photos on my pages. When I scrapbook I produce lots and lots of pages. Then when I go to crops, I take the Work in Progress albums that I've filled with layouts and my printed photos from the last year or so and slap those pictures on the pages. In one weekend, I can start and finish a whole year at a time. This process is easy and my husband feels honored because I get *lots* of scrapbooking done on these weekends when he's home with the kids. Okay, enough chat - I know you only come here to see the artwork! Well, here's a layout I did with a new paper pack called "Avonlea".

Avonlea - left side

Avonlea - right side

Alcohol markers can color in the sparkles to make them match your page!
I used Avonlea paper pack, Avonlea Canvas Complements, Baroque embellishments and the sparkle brads that I colored with our new Alcohol markers (Sweet Leaf light, Twilight light and Ruby light).

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