Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Purposeful Acts of Kindness

It's usually said that you regret most what you didn't do. That's true for me today. I was on my way to pick up my niece because she was running away from home. I was honored she called me and on the drive over I was all puffed up because I was doing a good thing. I was feeling proud because my sister trusted me enough to rescue her daughter but that she also trusted I work in her daughter's heart to encourage her to return home again. Then I saw them. And kept driving.

It was a mom walking away from the park with two kids, one stroller and everyone of them was crying.

And I kept driving. A mom of two myself. On my way to rescue another mom. I'm right in the midst of the same season of life as this mom and I left her to deal with an obviously bad moment by herself.

I don't know her or what happened but I know what she was feeling. And I didn't stop. I had two carseats in my car so I could have safely transported them all to their house, it was probably on my way. I told myself she wouldn't get into a stranger's car with her kids anyway. Even in her moment of need, she wouldn't let me help. That's what I told myself.

But the truth is, I was in a hurry and didn't think long enough to stop to ask. She could have been so grateful, it could have changed her whole day. But I was too selfish of my time.

It's still nagging at me. So I got to thinking: if my problem is time then I need a plan.

I've heard of Random Acts of Kindness before, there's even a week dedicated to promoting the practice (February 11 - 17, 2013). While it sounds like a great big deal, why leave it at random? Why not make it purposeful?

Here's my challenge: since RAK is next week, why not plan now what acts of kindness you'll do?

Check out their website (http://www.randomactsofkindness.org/rak-week) for ideas and other ways to be involved, but do it with PURPOSE.

{For my teacher friends, there are links on their website to help teach this in the classroom}

This is my plan:
Next week I will do one act of kindness every day. Something simple. Something my kids will see. I want them to learn from me. I want them to know that we are the hands and feet of Christ so it's up to us to do something.

I will send cards to family who live out of state. I will call friends I haven't talked to recently. I will take a meal to a new mom (or three). I will pray for those who need healing. I will visit an elderly neighbor. I will help a stranger. I will ask to help another mom.

I believe life is a group effort. We aren't meant to do this alone. We all need help to get through the day without breaking. Your attention to another person could be life changing, so what are you waiting for?

See you tomorrow!

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  1. So inspiring! Thanks for sharing this. It really got me thinking - we all think we are too busy to stop but one tiny little moment CAN make a HUGE difference in someone's life.