Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Tuesday's Tip: Metal Cookie Cutters

Searching through Pinterest recently for ideas on Valentine's Day themed food and dinner ideas, I had a saw something cute: red velvet pancakes. My hubby and son LOVE red velvet so it would make a fun alternative on Valentine's Day morning. Then I got to thinking, I can do it better.

Yea, I know. This is the part that usually gets me into trouble!

Looking around my kitchen for inspiration, I saw them - cookie cutters. I could use metal cookie cutters to shape the pancakes as they cook! I know there are commercial versions around and I've tried some but didn't like to clean them afterwards, too many nooks and crannies for batter to bake into. But cookie cutters? Hmm, this might work.

{After a little trial and error, I would recommend using tongs to remove the cookie cutter before flipping over.}

It's a cute idea taken a step further. I like it!

See you tomorrow!

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