Monday, February 8, 2016

It's Crop & Share Time Again!

The only redeeming factor of winter, in my humble opinion, is its when I get to go on weekend crops. Specifically two each year. My husband, who is an on-the-road truck driver and thus not home more often then he is home, is forced to be home and play Mr. Mom. Don't misread this, he does a great job as their father but when I'm gone ... I really don't know if I'll ever know the truth of what happens, what they eat, or wear, or play with. I try not to think about it and just lavish all my creative energies into getting as much scrapbooking done as inhumanly possible because let's face it, this is the only dedicated time to scrap I get. Sure I have a wonderful creating space at home. But there are no doors and I have to share it with the kids' play space. Great for sneaking in some "me" time during playdates but not conducive to getting lots done on a regular basis. If they see mommy, they want mommy's attention.

Sigh ....

But when I go away ... well, scrap happens! :)

Over the next few weeks, I will share with you some layouts I've done this past weekend. I still have another weekend coming up so I'll add them in too.

This past weekend is a wonderful time away at a local retreat center. The accommodations are lovely, the food is wonderful (I gained 4+ pounds this weekend!), and I never have to leave the building so I get to stay in super comfy clothes (read: workout clothes all weekend and no judging!!). I actually was all packed up when I realized I had not seen my sneakers in three days and had to go looking for them. Thankfully, the cleaning staff found them under the bed and returned them to the front desk for check out. My goal this weekend was to get from January through August of last year because that was as far as I had sorted my photos. And I actually accomplished it! I am so proud of myself! Even better, I love all the layouts I did! Usually there are a bunch I just throw together just because. Crafting all weekend can be draining and there are just hours where my brain refuses to work. This time however, I rarely had that feeling and was able to power through and get 70 pages done (about 35 two page layouts). Since about half of them need some sort of Cricut cut to finish them completely, I'll only share the completely finished ones now. I'll add the others in later.

First one up ...

CTMH Scrapbook layout using PML page and Frosted (retired) paper pack by Stephanie Huber

The first page of the album I'm using as a title page, but I still need to add the numbers so this is the first full layout and features all the snows from last winter (one snow looks like the next one, right?). I'm learning how to use my DSLR to take the photos I want to use on mys scrapbook pages so I'm liking my pages better. Maybe that's why I didn't have any problems designing, I liked all my photos! Designing with a mix of traditional pages and PML (Picture My Life) pages took some thinking ahead but I'm really happy with the results. I tend to be photo heavy and I want to document *everything*. PML pages and Flip Flaps are my most used accessories!

CTMH Scrapbook layout using PML page and Frosted (retired) paper pack by Stephanie Huber
 This is the next page in the album and I continued using the Frosted papers since the pictures were mostly blue. The Stickease from the paper pack made it easy to decorate. Add in some gems and a Cricut cut as a journaling card and done!

CTMH Scrapbook layout using Frosted (retired) paper pack by Stephanie Huber
This was a quick layout of my daughter. She is so expression-full and I had to document it! I used a scrap piece of Frosted to highlight the sleeping photo and a chipboard border from the Chantilly (retired) Complements pack. I absolutely love how our colors work together so you can mix and match from each paper pack! The letters are from the Fundamental Sticker Packs - these are a new addition to our product line and I was so thrilled with it when it was announced at Convention.

I'll be back Wednesday with a new layout for the Joyful Stars Blog Hop.



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