Monday, February 29, 2016

Sophia layout

This layout uses the last of my papers from the retired paper pack "Sophia" from a few years ago. *Sniff!* I loved, loved, loved this paper pack! The colors were so bright, so girly and so vibrant! They worked with every picture I take of my rambunctious little girl!

I'm sad I used the last of it but I'm so glad I had some to use for these photos. My daughter got to meet her preschool teachers during the winter open house and she enjoyed playing with all the toys and puzzles in her classroom. Because the room doesn't have a window, they have it painted a very vibrant green and paired with her bright pink outfit (her choice by the way!) I knew these papers would have a punch! :)

CTMH Sophia scrapbooking layout by Stephanie Huber at
The right page is snapshots of the kiddos on my son's birthday. He's not much of a "make a fuss over me" kinda guy but he's learning to take photos like a champ (it's faster to cooperate, he says!). And of course, if mister has his photo taken, missy wants one too!

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