Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Thank you card

Since I have been sitting around doing "nothing" for almost six weeks now, I thought I would post what my "nothing" actually consists of. If' you've never been put on bed rest for any medical reason, you don't know how crazy you can actually go while you're still sane. Let me tell you, pregnancy and especially bed rest, isn't for the weak! On the days that little man is out of the house, I try to use my one allotment of "stair time" to get down to my craft room to work. Some days I can spend all day working and some days I get distracted by phone calls, knocks at the door, etc. My craft time at first was spent making thank you notes because of all the help we were getting: meals, cleaning, babysitting, laundry, groceries, and more! I needed five cards in just one day! I knew my stash wasn't going to last much longer (actually, it only lasted days) but I also knew I couldn't make them one at a time either. So, I went through my "inspirational" folder on my computer and printed a bunch of photos of artwork from my sister consultants. While there was a lot of cards I made from their artwork, I won't post those to keep their artwork pure. (I'm working on a list of blogs and artists I continually come back to for inspiration, but that's another post.) Instead, over the next few days/weeks, I will post the artwork I created, and be ready - there's a lot to come!

First, here are two similar cards I made using a sentiment from different cardstocks:

The flourish is from "You & Me".

The flourish is from the February 2011 Stamp of the Month.

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