Thursday, December 6, 2012

Advent Day Six

Now that I think I have a rhythm going I'm ready to post today's craft before noon! Yea!

Little man actually woke up this morning asking to do a craft! And thankfully, I was ready! (well, almost) I wanted to get a little ahead of the game and have paper dolls and outfits cut out with the Cricut (I have the Paper Doll Dress Up cartridge and haven't used it yet) but he was a little too ready this morning. So instead of drinking my coffee and checking the news on my computer while he watched Mickey Mouse, I was searching for paper doll images on the web. I printed bodies out on cardstock and dresses on plain paper. He used his scissors to cut out the dresses and colored them in with crayons. I had him draw faces and hair on them (his cousin recently dyed her hair purple, hence the inspiration) and we taped thread to the backs to hang. I like how they turned out, a little big but once we get our big tree next weekend, it won't matter too much.

If you would like to follow along (or to just check out the book for your family) click the link below (or to the right) to visit Amanda's website where you can download a copy for yourself.

Merry Christmas!

 Truth in the Tinsel.

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