Monday, December 3, 2012

Advent Day Three

Today's craft focused on Zachariah, who in the story didn't believe what the angel Gabriel told him and so had to wait in silence until what the angel said came true.

Nate had fun with the glitter glue and cotton balls (our version of the instructions) and as a four-year-old can insist upon - only one eye.

He still won't sit still to listen to the reading but tonight he surprised me at bedtime by choosing two Christmas story books and said, so we can read about our friend Jesus. {tear!} I guess he is listening. And getting it. That's what this project is about and for me that's a win!

If you would like to follow along (or to just check out the book for your family) click the link below (or to the right) to visit Amanda's website where you can download a copy for yourself.

Merry Christmas!

 Truth in the Tinsel.


  1. Love your little Zechariah. Do not be discouraged with your son's wiggles. Read through the wiggles. Read while he plays. The important thing is you read. I bet you'll be amazed what he picks up. He already knows, Jesus is our friend.